Vintage & Rustic Rentals

Affairs to Remember is proud our wide selection of vintage and rustic rentals. We would love to see your "vintage chic" wedding come to life, so simply scroll down the page to see our unique rentals along with pricing for several items.

Vintage multi color bar stools
Vintage table (door 25.00 +65.00 each barrels)

Crystal Chandelier
$150.00 (includes hanging fee)
13 Light

Natural wood padded chairs

Bamboo Chair

Parlor chair


Cards Banner


Arch with doors $125.00





 Wicker Picnic Basket


Chalkboard Tray and Many more...


These can be used as aisle markers, props on buffet tables...so many uses to pull your rustic theme together!!

Plush vintage chair


Silver candlesticks

$5.00 set

Floral pattern with gold trim


Whiskey Half Barrel Cooler


Love is Sweet Banner


Vintage gold lamps

$30.00 set

Antique sofa


Wooden pallet cake stand


Refinished Vintage Hutch


Wooden stackable boxes (hollow)
Can be used as aisle markers

$10.00 Each 

Galvanized tub with stand


Steamer trunk


24 inch Lantern


Wooden Farm Tables

8 ft x 36 in


Brass Cake Stand



Antique Green Sofa $50

Vintage Metal Arch with Decor 

Vintage Rug 6'x4'1" and  Lighting
Price for lighting is according to FT needed.... 

Antique Ivory Sofa $65

Card/Favor baskets $15
Lace 13.50

Vintage Floral Couch $75

Vintage Metal Arch  $75

Vintage Rug 6' x 4'1"  $75

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Vintage Rug 9'8" x 6'1" $125                                       Vintage Rug 5' x 3"3'  $50

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